Playing SPNATI Offline on Phone and Other LAN Devices

Guide by Mattlau04, last updated 02/12/2021


You will need a computer for this, this guide is not about how to host SPNATI offline on a phone, but rather hosting it on your PC in a way that allows you to access it from your phone (or other LAN devices).


This is also not a guide on how to install SPNATI offline, for this guide I will assume you already have it downloaded on your PC.

Step 1: Installing python

If you already have python 3.X installed, you can skip this step.
If not, go download it from Python's website


During installation, make sure to check the box that says Add to path, if you didn't, you'll need to uninstall python and reinstall it, this time adding it to path.

Step 2: Installing the required packages

You need both the bottle and gevent librairies installed for this.
To install them, just open a CMD window and type pip install bottle gevent, then press enter.


To open a CMD window, just hold the windows key, press r, type then cmd then enter

Step 3: Editing the .py file

In your SPNATI offline install, there is a file called, and running it hosts a regular SPNATI instance that you can't access from other devices.
To change that, open the file in notepad (or any other text editor), then replace the line host='localhost' with host = ''.
This allows other devices on the network to access the server.
You then just need to save the file and run it, it should open a python window with a message that a server is running.

Step 4: Accessing the server

To get the URL that you need to enter on your phone or other network device, you must get your local ip adress. If your local ip is, then you must go to (assuming you didn't change the port in the py file)


You can get your ip by using the ipconfig command in a cmd. If you don't know how to do that, you can find more details here

About saves

First of all, saves aren't cross-device. You can share your save string manually, but that's it.

Using the same save as with start_offline.exe (on the same device)

If you already had a save on SPNATI and you'd like it to be the same as the start_offline.exe save, then it's quite easy.

This is because because which save is used is determined by the URL (the browser will choose the local storage depending on the URL, and local storage is where SPNATI saves are).