How to submit your character to the Testing Roster

What is Testing?

Before any character can be allowed into the main game, they must undergo a period of "beta testing" as part of the Testing Roster. Here, community members and other developers can give prospective new additions feedback.

Once a creator feels their character is sufficiently ready, they can begin the Sponsorship process.

Testing Admittance

For admittance on to testing, a new character file must meet the following requirements:

Please do not submit a character with more than 1000 lines to test! Too many lines will make it difficult for the mods to do Pre-Test QA, and would be wasteful for the author if they later decide to do rewrites.

How to Submit

The best way to send your character to Testing is through Reddit Modmail. First, .zip up the character folder and upload it to a file sharing site. Next, find the button on the r/spnati subreddit's sidebar that says "Message the Mods"


This button is above the list of subreddit moderators.

Message the Moderators

Copy the link onto the Modmail and send it off! The mods will let you know if any further work is needed (often fixing outstanding validation errors or compressing images), or if your character has been added to test.