Adoption and Reworks

The Ins and Outs of Improving Old Characters

Are you interested in picking up an old and dead character and breathing into them new life? Is that old and dead character yours? Either way, great! Depending on the circumstances, however, you may need to resubmit the character to Testing and go through the sponsorship process.

Adoption is picking up a character started and submitted by another developer. A rework is a substantial change to an already existing character. Reworks can either be from the original developer or one who adopted the character. The rules differ depending on who is reworking and how much is being reworked.


Developers are allowed to adopt characters either on the Main Roster or Offline. They need either the original creator's permission or to wait two months with no reply from an inactive developer. Because devs only control their own work, not the character itself, you are always free to make a brand new version of any character using all new material. A character that uses only new material will be considered a new character, while one that builds upon an older version is adopted.

The above doesn't apply to OCs (Original Characters), which cannot be adopted.

Offline Characters

If you adopt a character currently on the Offline, Incomplete, or Testing Rosters, you will be required to bring them through a full five person sponsorship, same as a new character.

Main Roster Characters

If you adopt a character on the main roster with the intention of adding dialogue updates, but not model alterations or significant dialogue revisions, you don't need to do anything! However if you plan to significantly rework the character, you may need to return to Testing.


Reworks are significant changes to a character's existing art and dialogue. These can either be by the original author or artist, or by a someone who adopted that character. Either way, reworks of Offline, Incomplete, or Testing Roster characters will be asked to go through five-person sponsorship before being added to the main roster.

Depending on the situation, reworked characters on the Main Roster may be asked to return to testing for either a brief period or until they fulfill three sponsorships.

Policy on Return to Testing

If multiple of the below are applicable, the most stringent one will take effect.

Dialogue Overhauls by the Original Author

The character will not need to return to Testing if the original writer is revising the character's dialogue.

Dialogue Overhauls by Adopting Authors

Significant enough dialogue changes may be asked to return to Testing. The mod team reserves the right to determine what constitutes a dialogue overhaul. In general, changes to most of a characters' generics will prompt a move back to Testing.

Pose Changes and Additions

Adjusting existing poses and adding new poses, without changing the Kisekae model, will not warrant a move to Testing whether done by the original artist or a new artist.

Model Changes

Model changes will need to return to Testing, unless that character is eligible for and passes Quick Pass. More info on Quick Pass can be found below.

Quick Pass

Quick Pass is applicable for Main Roster reworks (model or posing). The rework must be primarily art driven without dramatic changes to interactions (e.g. changing of masturbation, silhouette, core personality, and so on).

The developer will submit the art update and ask for Quick Pass. Creators can vote either for or against the rework on Discord, using thumbs up/thumbs down emoji. For reworks done by the original artist, only creators with the Made 1+ Character roles can vote. For reworks done by an adopting artist, only creators with the Made 2+ Character roles can vote. Voting will begin after the art update has been merged into the game, and be open for 24 hours.

At the conclusion of 24 hours, a character must have five more "yes" votes than "no" votes. If so, the character gets to stay on the main roster as-is.

If no effort to Quick Pass occurs, or the character fails Quick Pass, they undergo testing as usual for a rework.