Official rules for all content added to SPNatI

Although the SPNatI game moderators are fairly open-minded in what content is allowed into the game, there are a handful of immutable rules that all characters must follow.

If you are uncertain about any of these rules, please reach out to a SPNatI game mod for clarification.

Final rulings on any content will be held by the SPNatI game mod team.

Adult Characters Only

All characters in the game must be adults. This means:

A) They must appear to be a legal adult (18 or older physically and mentally) to a reasonable, uninterested observer who is not aware of their source material, and also:

B) The character must be 18 or older in their canon source material. If they are not, they can be aged up to 50% older by altering the character's model and dialogue to show that they have matured since appearing in their source material. The more a character needs to be aged up, the greater the changes required.

If any two moderators believe a character does not fit this criteria, they will not be allowed to join the Testing Roster or online game until approved alterations are made.

No Characters of Real People

All characters must be fictional. A character based purely on a real person is not allowed. To be clear, characters portrayed by real people are allowed, but the actors themselves are not.

Fictionalized "personas" that real people put on, such as wrestlers, vtubers, and certain entertainers/show hosts are also prohibited. Ask yourself: could someone else potentially play the character, or are they inextricably linked to their actor? "Could this role ever be re-cast?" is a good self check.

This rule extends to "self-inserts" of the creator.

Characters Must Have Human Anatomy

Characters must possess humanoid sexual organs, and have basic human anatomy.

"Monstergirls" and similar sorts of characters are allowed, but they should still look recognizably humanoid. For instance, a lamia character who limits most of her snake attributes to below the crotch would be accepted.

Note that a character's anatomy should match the character's sex and gender. This is partially a game code limitation.

No Non-Consensual Activities

All characters must be at The Inventory and engage in sexual activities of their own free will.

It must be clear that the characters could voluntarily leave the game if they so wished.

Non-consensual activities cannot be alluded to or discussed in a character's dialogue or implied by a character's posing.

Your First Character Cannot Be An OC

A developer must have a writing credit on a main roster character, meaning successfully completed sponsorship and Mod QA, before being allowed to submit an OC (Original Character).

An OC is a character whose personality, setting, and design are invented by its SPNatI author. This is separate from a Fan Character, who has a design or backstory originating outside of its SPNatI author and which would be known by other players. Amy from Doki-Doki Literature Club is one example of a popular Fan Character. A character from a franchise that lacks core characters but has ample lore to draw from, such as Dungeons & Dragons, would also be allowed.

The Moderation Team will be the final arbitrators of whether a character deserves OC status, but creators are welcome to discuss their plans with the team prior to starting work.

Rules Effective 2021-11-23