Giving your characters fun trophies to earn

What are Collectibles?

Have you ever wanted to design your own achievements? Collectibles are character-based trophies/achievements for SPNatI. By setting certain marker-like conditions in your character's dialogue, you can enable the unlocking of (a picture of) a physical keepsake to be kept into Collectibles gallery.

Making Collectibles

You will need:

spnati_edit has created an excellent video tutorial for the process of making collectibles here:

Unlocking Collectibles

At the end of each line of dialogue in the Character Editor, a trophy icon indicates where you can specify if a collectible should be unlocked or incremented by that line is spoken.

For a more robust and advanced method of unlocking collectibles, consider using them with Hidden lines, which can unlock a collectible in specific circumstances where you don't know which like will play. For example, a Hidden like in a "Game Over (Defeat)" case will cover every line your character says when the game is over and she has lost, even if she has a specific targeted line for the winner.

Rules for Collectibles

Each character has a maximum number of collectibles to prevent bloat. Each character will be allowed one collectible for simply existing, and an additional collectible for every 600 unique lines of dialogue (or part thereof). So, for example, a character with 800 unique lines would be allowed to have up to three collectibles. A character with 2000 lines would be allowed up to five collectibles.

If you choose to add a collectible to your character, the first collectible must be for either of the following:

Of course, harder and more creative conditions are also possible. However, any conditions you make should be achievable within ten wins. This is to prevent the grind of "Win 1000 games against Gay Spaghetti Chef". Also, note that collectibles with conditions that overly depend on random elements are not particularly fun. For example, asking a player to win a hand against Buffy while Buffy has a four-of-a-kind would take hundreds — if not thousands — of games of RNG and would damage the morale of completionists.

The best conditions for unlocking a collectible are ones where a player can see the required conditions with a clear hint and set up their game accordingly for a good chance of getting it. Think of this as an opportunity to guide how you want players to play with your character, not for them to guess what you were thinking.

What Kinds of Collectibles Can I Make?

Any physical object could work. Remember that each one needs accompanying artwork, and that this collectible will look best if it's in a style that looks as though it could have been created in kisekae.

Examples in the game so far:

Ideally, try to make the item appealing to unlock. As the game is pornographic, collectibles that have a sexual theme can be appealing.