Tagging List

Attributes that characters can target

This is a comprehensive list of all tags you can give your characters, or which your character can target in dialogue. Having a certain amount of filtered dialogue is necessary for being added to test.

If your character is from a new franchise, please add a new franchise tag in the Character Editor for them. Otherwise, do not add new tags yourself. However, if you have an idea for a new tag and know of multiple characters in-game it could apply to, you are welcome to suggest it.

Tags can be set to only the stages for when they are applicable. This includes tags for specific items of clothing, changes in attitude, or changes in appearance. Tags for personality, physical features, or overall outfit should be set for all stages.

Physical Features

Hair Colors

Many of these should be self-explanatory.

Tag Name Supertag Description
brunette Brown hair, NOT black
ginger Generally used for red hair
white_hair For white, gray, or silver hair

Exotic Hair Colors

exotic_hair is a catchall term for multi-colored or otherwise exotic hair:

Tag Name Supertag Description
blue_hair exotic_hair For blue/cyan/aqua hair
green_hair exotic_hair
pink_hair exotic_hair
purple_hair exotic_hair

Hair Length

Tag Name Supertag Description
bald For characters with no hair on their head.
short_hair For hair that does not pass the jawline.
medium_hair For hair that goes below the jaw and may reach the shoulders.
long_hair For hair that goes beyond the shoulders.
very_long_hair long_hair For hair that reaches the thighs or beyond. A character with this tag also has the long_hair supertype.

Hair Style

Tag Name Supertag Description
ahoge The character has a hair antenna or messy locks above their hair, like Nagisa. Does NOT imply the messy hair tag.
drill_hair The character sports anime-style drill hair, for example Nugi-chan.
messy_hair The character's hair is notably untidy.
ponytail The character has their hair up in ponytail.
twintails The character's hair is fashioned into two tails. These can be located anywhere on the head.

Eye Colors

Tag Name Supertag Description
dark_eyes For black, brown, or dark grey eyes.
pale_eyes For white to medium-light grey eyes.
violet_eyes Also covers pink or purple eyes.
amber_eyes Also covers orange or yellow eyes.
heterochromia Characters eyes are two different colors. Include both other colors as well.

Skin Tones

Tag Name Supertag Description
dark-skinned For anything north of general brownness.
olive-skinned For characters with skin in the light browns or orange hues.
fair-skinned For characters in the ruddy white to lighter asiatic skin tones.
pale-skinned For characters that see minimal sunlight or are extremely pale.
tan_lines For characters with visible tan lines. This filter should only be used on characters after a chest or crotch reveal, anything sooner warrants a targeted line.
unusual_skin For skin colors beyond the Crayola box, including green, grey, and so forth.

Physical Builds

Tag Name Supertag Description
skinny Notably skinnier than an average build
athletic Characters that are traditionally athletic; they’re thin but have defined builds. (EG not skinnyfat).
muscular athletic Characters that are built, with overt musculature. Muscular characters usually have defined abs, large arms, or formidable legs. Characters with the muscular tag should also have the athletic supertype tag.
chubby Characters that have pronounced body fat. This can be anything from a little extra, a beer belly, to larger sizes.
curvy Curvier build, with wide, well-defined hips/thighs. Female only.
big_butt Notably large derrière
short Characters that are pronouncedly small. (EG, Futaba)
tall Characters that are overtly larger than most other characters. (EG, Aella).
androgynous Characters that resemble their opposite sex. This includes tomboys who dress in masculine clothing, or men who dress in effeminate gear. (e.g. this tag, when used in conjunction with male_X or female_X should output lines like “Huh, you like to dress like the opposite sex, ~name~.”) This is supposed to be extremely broad, with the intuitiveness and rancor of the lines based on the gender targeted and character speaking.

Pubic Hair Status

Tag Name Supertag Description
pubic_hair Character has any amount of pubic hair. See trimmed and hairy for more granularity.
hairy pubic_hair Characters with high amounts or dense pubic hair. Note that the pubic_hair tag is for any amount of hair, while this is for notably hairy characters.
trimmed pubic_hair Characters with manicured pubic hair, either by regular grooming, or styling (such as into a heart or a landing strip).
shaved Characters with no pubic hair. This is inclusive of naturally hairless species/automata, and any method that removes pubic hair including waxes, etc.

Attribute Sizes

NOTE: These should correspond to a character’s size category, and is mostly used for multiple incidences of the same size using count-filter:X, or for characters ogling another in their underwear. Please note that for the latter situation, a targeted line will usually yield best results.

Tag Name Supertag Description
huge_breasts large_breasts For truly monumental mammaries. Characters with this tag should also have the large_breasts tag.
huge_penis large_penis For truly prodigious members. Characters with this tag should also have the large_penis tag.
circumcised The character has no foreskin. Only target during/after penis reveals.
uncircumcised The character has a foreskin. Only target during/after penis reveals.


NOTE: Only tag with these if the character is visibly non-human, or, failing that, freely mentions that they aren't human.

Tag Name Supertag Description
alien The character is visibly of extraterrestrial origin, or freely mentions it.
angel Character is an angel
catfolk Catgirls/catboys
demon Character is a demon, whether Judeo-Christian, an Eldritch horror, or a succubus
elf supernatural Character is an elf, or visually resembles one (Hylians, etc.)
fairy spirit The character is a fairy or sprite-like, with wings and various magical powers.
non-human The character is visibly inhuman. Can be combined with other tags.
monster The character belongs to a classic monster species, i.e. vampires, succubi, lamias, harpies, etc.
succubus monster The character is visibly a succubus (Morrigan), or freely mentions being one (Kurumu).
undead monster The character is obviously a walking corpse or reanimated person. This tag often combines with the supernatural tag.
vampire monster The character exhibits classical vampire traits, such as long fangs, a thirst for blood, uncanny mesmeric ability, and so forth.
robot The character is very visibly a robot, or is a synthetic human. Some robot tagged characters will be offended by being called robots.
supernatural The character is of an otherworldly/paranormal/religious origin. Note, this does not include characters with magic like a wizard, just creatures that are traditionally spiritual creatures rather than physical monsters. See the monster tag.
deity supernatural The character is some sort of divine being, like a god or goddess. A character can be a spirit and a deity, while the deity is a more specific usecase.
spirit supernatural The character is some sort of apparition, like a ghost, angel, or so forth.

Inhuman Features

NOTE: Please only tag these features if they're visible from the start of the game. For example, Blake isn't tagged as "animal_ears" because she keeps them hidden for most of the game.

Tag Name Supertag Description
animal_ears The character has an animal's ears, such as cat ears.
tail The character has a tail.
winged The character has wings.
horned The character has horns.
pointy_ears The character has pointy ears.

Body Quirks:

Tag Name Supertag Description
freckles The character has freckles visible on their face or body.
pierced_nipples The character has had their nipples pierced. Only target during/after chest reveals.
scarred The character has one or more scars present on their face or body. Only tag if visible from the start of the game.
tattoo The character has a visible tattoo or tribal markings, etc. Can be used for warpaint if it's non-obvious that the alteration is by makeup.
tan_lines Tan lines are visible

Clothing and Accessories


Tag Name Supertag Description
weapon The character has brought a weapon to the game. Tag in addition to one of the following, if applicable.
blade weapon An edged weapon such as a sword or knife
gun weapon A firearm or beam weapon, E.g. Revy, Aimee
wand weapon A rod, staff, or other magical implement E.g. Hermione, Akko

Other Clothing and Accessories:

Tag Name Supertag Description
armor The character wears armor.
bodysuit The character wears a full bodysuit or jumpsuit.
cape The character wears a cape or mantle.
choker The character wears a choker around his or her neck.
formal_attire The character wears a suit, or a fine dress. If it's a school uniform, use that tag instead.
glasses The character wears eye protection, including goggles.
hat The character wears a hat or some other form of headgear.
high_heels Wearing high-heeled shoes or boots
leotard The character wears a leotard or other apparel like a swimsuit or non-full bodysuit.
lingerie Wearing notably fancy lingerie, likely with frills, lace, garters, etc.
makeup Visibly wearing makeup. (Makeup like the Zombieland Saga girls' doesn't count.)
masked The character wears a mask that partially or completely covers the face.
no_bra The character is female and does not wear a bra or other breast support under her major items.
no_underwear Character did not wear lower underwear (e.g. panties, boxers) to the game.
pantyhose The character wears pantyhose or other officewear. Compare with 'thigh_highs.'
scantily-clad The character starts the game with revealing or minimal clothing.
school_uniform The character wears a school uniform. Note that this tag is applicable until the character transforms, not necessarily undresses. (EG If it's an outfit for a single stage, then tag that stage specifically. Otherwise, it lasts the whole game.)
spats Wearing tight spandex/lycra bicycle shorts
sunglasses The character is super cool.
thigh_highs The character wears thigh-high socks or stockings.
thong Please only target for stages where it'll be visible.

Personality and Mental Traits

Sexual Orientation

NOTE: These tags should be used mostly as a reference to how the character is written in SPNatI. If a character’s canon lacks sufficient information, it’s okay to omit a sexuality tag. Some characters will react to both sexes, but this does not necessarily make them bisexual.

Tag Name Supertag Description
straight The character is exclusively attracted to the opposite gender.
gay The character is male and exclusively attracted to other males.
lesbian The character is female and exclusively attracted to other females.
bisexual The character is attracted to both genders.
bi-curious The character is predominantly attracted to the opposite gender, but is curious about the same sex. Also applicable to otherwise-straight characters that open up to characters of the same sex in lategame.
reverse_bi-curious The character is predominantly attracted to the same sex, but is curious about the opposite sex. Also applicable to otherwise gay/lesbian characters that open up to opposite-sex characters late in the game.


NOTE: Avoid tagging if your character keeps this a secret.

Tag Name Supertag Description
adventurer Goes on adventures around their world, likely in a traditional RPG/Fantasy sense
artist Is an artist of a traditional medium, such as painting or sculpting
celebrity The character is famous enough that other characters could plausibly already know about them.
coder Coder/Hacker/Programmer. Works with computer software, whether professionally, or as a hobby
criminal The character regularly engages in criminal activity.
delinquent The character is young and involved in petty crime
fighter Regularly takes part in close-quarters combat.
gamer The character plays video games as a career, e.g. D.va, Chiaki.
idol musician Works as a Japanese-style idol
journalist The character is a news reporter or perhaps might want to interview other characters.
magical_girl Note: being a girl who uses magic doesn't qualify a character for this tag. They should belong to the "magical girl/mahou shoujo" genre.
medic The character is either a doctor, or a combat medic.
military The character is from a military background, or belongs to a military organization.
model The character works as a fashion model.
musician The character regularly sings or plays an instrument, whether professionally or as a hobby.
pirate The character is a pirate, whether classic pirate, modern pirate, or space pirate.
police The character belongs to a law enforcement organization.
prince royalty
princess royalty
spy The character is a spy, or some other form of covert operative.
student The character attends a school, college or university.

Relationship Status

NOTE: Ideally, your character shouldn't be written as "taken" unless they officially are in their source canon (so avoid shipping). A player will want your character to be interested in them, after all.

NOTE: Additionally, feel free to not use either of these tags if the character being single is not important, or if you want to leave it ambiguous.

Tag Name Supertag Description
single The character is not currently in a romantic/sexual relationship.
taken The character is currently in a serious romantic/sexual relationship. However, it can still be an open relationship, E.G. Aimee.

Personality Traits

NOTE: You are allowed to pick more than one if applicable. Try not to pick conflicting ones, however.

Tag Name Supertag Description
aggressive The character is outright hostile, and may regularly make threats of harm to the other players, e.g. Revy.
cheerful The character is naturally happy and optimistic, and just tries to have fun with the game, e.g. Ruby.
confident The character has little issue with their own nudity, may be proud of their body, and is unlikely to get embarrassed, e.g. Rinkah, Saki (ZLS).
ditzy The character is absent-minded, an airhead, or otherwise unaware of normal social behavior, e.g. Harley, Twilight.
exhibitionist The character actively wants to be seen naked and masturbating, and wants all eyes on them, e.g. Moon, Mettaton.
fancy The character gives off an air of wealth and/or nobility, e.g. Weiss, Rosalina.
fashionable The character always makes sure to dress well, and always dresses for the occasion, e.g. Ann, Weiss.
gloomy The character is naturally mournful and pessimistic, e.g. Saki.
indifferent The character seems relatively neutral or uncaring about the game going on, or it might take a lot to get a reaction out of them, e.g. Meia
innocent The character is naive or unknowledgeable about sexual matters, e.g. Nagisa.
insane The character is clearly not of sound mind, e.g. Harley, Moon.
kind The character is friendly and supportive to other characters, e.g. Nagisa.
lonely The character has few, if any friends, but wants them. Maybe they're playing SPNATI to make some? e.g. Saki.
mean The character makes rude or harsh comments about other characters, e.g. Revy.
moe The character has a conventionally cute/adorable appearance and personality, e.g. Nagisa
nerdy The character has nerdy hobbies and/or interests, e.g. Chiaki, Futaba
perverted The character has a fixation on sex, and is likely pretty kinky, e.g. Kyu, Moon.
quiet The character doesn't talk much, and their sentences are usually brief, e.g. Kyoko.
sarcastic Self-explanatory, e.g. Shego.
seductive The character has an alluring, sexy, femme-fatale manner, and will flirt with other characters, e.g. Morrigan.
serious The character has a no-nonsense personality, and isn't one to make jokes, e.g. Meia, Kyoko.
shut_in The character is a NEET or homebody, and doesn't get out much, e.g. Futaba, Saki.
shy The character is shy in social situations, and is likely reluctant to strip, e.g. Nagisa.
silent The character is completely mute, e.g. Neo, Chell.
slutty The character is extremely sexually open, feels no shame, and will regularly make obscene advances/suggestions to other characters, e.g. Moon, Revy.
smart The character is highly knowledgeable or intelligent, e.g. Meia, Cynthia.
tomboy The character is a girl that engages in traditionally male activities or acts in a typically masculine way. Popular on 90's characters.
tsundere The character starts out rude or hostile, but opens up over the course of the game, e.g. Angie.
witty The character is always ready to crack a joke, e.g. Yang, Kyu.
yandere The character is in murderously obsessive love with the player or another character.
boob_envy The character is female and jealous of characters with larger breasts than them, and is insecure about their own size, e.g. Zizou
penis_envy The character is male and jealous of characters with a larger penis than them, and is insecure about their own size.
enf Embarrassed Nude Female. The character is female, and has a particularly adverse reaction to being naked, e.g. Nagisa, Weiss, Kyoko.
enm Embarrassed Nude Male. The character is male, and has a particularly adverse reaction to being naked.
dominant The character is sexually dominant.
submissive The character is sexually submissive.

Stripping and Forfeit Gimmicks


Tag Name Supertag Description
assisted_strip The character receives help while undressing from a third party. Common on Tandem characters.
bottomless_first The character removes their underwear before exposing their chest.
cheater The character uses underhanded means to gain an advantage in the game, e.g. Revy, 9S.
clothing_destruction The character's clothing is destroyed while they undress, e.g. Aimee, Shimakaze.
crossdresser The character presents as the opposite sex.
throws_game Character intentionally loses the game


Tag Name Supertag Description
bondage_forfeit The character is restrained during forfeit, e.g. Croix, Vriska
chair_forfeit Character sits in a chair when masturbating
tandem Another character helps the character masturbate, e.g. Elizabeth, Miko
tentacle_forfeit The character is penetrated by noodly appendages, including tentacles, vines, cables, and other things of the type, e.g. Amalia
uses_toy The character uses a sex toy during their forfeit.


NOTE: These tags don't fit anywhere else easily.

Tag Name Supertag Description
april_fools Character is exclusive to April Fool's Day events
creepy The character has a creepy or unnerving appearance or personality, e.g. Spooky, Raven.
drunk The character drinks alcohol over the course of the game, e.g. Sei, Misato.
flies The character visible flies, hovers or floats during the course of the game, e.g. Marceline, Spooky, Videl, Ochako.
goth The character may dress in a gothic manner, or have a stereotypical goth personality.
has_companion Character has one or more companions present during the game, that are be visible to other players, e.g. Miko, Adrien.
has_food Character has food with them, that they eat during the game.
hero The character is a hero in their source material, and fights for good. Note that protagonist does not necessarily mean hero.
magic The character is from a magical background and/or is capable of using magic, e.g. Hermione, Kyu.
parent Character is a parent, whether biological or adoptive.
psychic The character is psychic or psionic; they utilize powerful wild talents with emotional components, or can do traditionally woo-woo things like seeing into the future, e.g. Jin, Raven
uses_camera The character uses a camera during the game.
villain The character is a villain in their source material.
virtual The character is a digital avatar, a hologram, or an AI.
wealthy Character is notably rich.

Nationality / Ethnicity

NOTE: Do not use british as a tag. use whatever applies out of english / scottish / welsh.

NOTE: For mixed-heritage characters, used the mixed_heritage tag as well as the tag for the country they're a citizen of. For example, Marinette would be tagged with french and mixed_heritage, as she is a French citizen, but has Chinese ancestry.)

Tag Name Supertag Description
american The character is from the USA.
english european
european Of European origin or ethnicity, including Russia, but not Turkey
finnish european
french european
german european
greek european
italian european
mexican hispanic
russian european
scottish european
swiss european

Meta Tags

Organizations / In-Universe Categories:

NOTE: This is to aid in dialogue targeting between characters belonging to a team or organization.

NOTE: This list is non-exhaustive. New characters added to the game with their own source material are included in subsequent versions of the character editor.

Tag Name Supertag Description
mystery_inc The character is part of Mystery Inc. in Scooby Doo.
phantom_thieves The character is a member of the Phantom Thieves in Persona 5.
ua_academy The character attends the UA Hero school in My Hero Academia.
overwatch The character is part of the Overwatch organisation.
rwby The character is part of Team RWBY.
teen_titans The character belongs to the Teen Titans.
avengers The character is part of the Avengers in Marvel.
dr1 The character was part of the class in the original Danganronpa game.
dr2 The character was part of the class in Danganronpa 2.
drv3 The character was part of the class in Danganronpa V3.
kanto The character is from the Kanto region in Pokémon.
johto The character is from the Johto region in Pokémon.
hoenn The character is from the Hoenn region in Pokémon.
sinnoh The character is from the Sinnoh region in Pokémon.
unova the character is from the Unova region in Pokémon
kalos The character is from the Kalos region in Pokémon.
alola The character is from the Alola region in Pokémon.


NOTE: The genre of your character's source material.

Tag Name Supertag Description
fantasy The character is from a fantasy setting.
future The character is from the future.
post-apocalyptic The character is from a conventional post-apocalyptic setting, such as Fallout, a zombie apocalypse, etc.
sci-fi The character is from a sci-fi setting.
space The source material takes place in space.

Source Medium

NOTE: Select multiple if applicable. For example, Clannad, Nagisa's source material is known as both an anime and a visual novel.

Tag Name Supertag Description
anime The character is from a Japanese animation - RWBY and Avatar do not fall under this, as despite their art styles, they are of western origin.
book The character is from written literature.
cartoon The character is from non-Japanese animation.
comic The character is from non-Japanese comic books.
hentai The character is from a hentai animation or manga.
internet_meme The character is an internet meme.
manga The character is from a Japanese comic.
movie The character is from a live-action of animated film.
tv_show The character is from a live-action tv show.
video_game The character is from a video game.
visual_novel The character is from a visual novel game.
website The character is a website mascot.

Source Materials

NOTE: Feel free to add your character's source material as a tag if it's unrepresented here.

NOTE: Some companies that own multiple properties have their own tags, e.g. valve, nintendo and capcom.

NOTE: This list is non-exhaustive. New characters added to the game with their own source material are included in subsequent versions of the character editor.

Tag Name Supertag Description
original_character The character is your own original creation. If they are an original character but based on an existing franchise, tag them for that too.
lotr Lord of the Rings
marvel Marvel Comics
mcu Marvel Cinematic Universe
tmnt Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Tags for the human player specifically. Able to be targeted, but do not put these on your character.

Tag Name Supertag Description
human Character is the human player
human_male Character is the human player as a male
human_female Character is the human player as a female