Promoting your character from Testing to Main Game

Process for Developers

For release into the main game, a character must pass community sponsorship:

The comprehensive guide can also be found here

When a creator is ready to submit their Testing Roster character to the main roster, they will do as follows:

The new sponsorship process will require 5 sponsorships for new characters and 3 for revisions. These sponsorships will be conditional sponsorships, meaning the flaws outlined in the post must be addressed before the sponsorship process will be accepted.

A character is considered new when it uses no prior dialogue or artwork from another version of the character. A character is considered revised when it encounters a substantial art overhaul, substantial dialogue update, or inheritance by a new author. The moderation team reserves full rights to make judgment calls on this distinction.

Structure for Sponsors

Sponsors will need to list who they played with, three qualities that this characters adds to the Main Roster, any flaws that you encounter that you feel holds the character back from being good enough for the roster, and any points of suggestions or discussions.

Note that Flaws are binding, a developer must fix what's been posted in this section. These can range from simple typo fixes to model reworks, but it's best not to saddle a character with prohibitively steep conditions unless it's what you truly feel a character needs.

It's fine to leave that section blank if you can't think of a flaw, but it's very unlikely a character will have no flaws whatsoever. You can also add Suggestions, which are non-binding but can be helpful ideas.

Template for sponsorship:

Characters Tested:

Who you played your test game with.

New Added Values:

Three, including quality dialogue, unusual but appealing models, and positive interactions.

Flaws Observed:

Here, list whatever flaws prohibit this character from being good enough to be added to the game. If you didn't notice any flaws, please list your most wanted suggestion for a future update in the section below.


Optional suggestions for where to take the character and what to do after sponsorship. These aren't binding like the flaws observed.


A more fluid series of observations on what you didn’t like or liked about the character.

This can be things such as “I don’t like that this character’s face. I think this character’s sexuality isn’t quite canon. I don’t think this character’s gimmick does anything interesting, and could be frustrating to target.”

Mod QA

The Mod QA will be as follows:

If a character is found not to meet any of the standards in Mod QA, they will be required to address those before the character can be added to the main roster.

When adding a character to the main roster, you're entitled to make your own table for them! Pick a name, three other characters, and a background. Those three characters cannot already share a table together.


Sponsorship does not involve paying the mods to add your character. I can't believe we actually have to specify this.